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Mar 28, 2012 01:29 PM

April Fool's Recipes?

My kids are really into April Fool's Day. I'm looking for some recipes for savory foods...besides meatloaf cake. There are recipes aplenty for sweets but I need something I can serve for dinner!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hmmm. It IS a bit hard to find recipes, I just searched for ya. You could try a lovely bowl of "jello with fruit" -- but make it from tomato aspic, drop in small steamed radishes and slices of cooked potato (shaped like apple bits); shave parmesan "coconut" over the top. Have them taste it cold, then it could even be warmed/melted to actually eat. If not a bowl, then thicken up to make "jiggler" style and cut into blocks.

      Might be a lot of trouble for something the kids won't touch though, lol.

      1. Okay, how about a cold tuna or salmon salad "pie"? Blind bake a pie crust (not a sweet one of course), then layer with tuna/salmon salad (go light on mayo for this part). Lightly spread a creamy/fluffy yogurt/mayo dressing atop.

        Or (can't stop): "berry parfait" of cooked sliced beets layered with whipped goat cheese in clear bowls/glasses. Top with chopped nuts. If no on the beets, a light-colored cooked veg (zucchini?) with red food dye.

        Berry parfait could also be slices of steak, or crumbled hamburger, mixed with ketchup then layered with cauliflower mash.

        I keep editing!

        Meatloaf cut into bars, rolled in finely chopped nuts to resemble granola bars. Could attempt same with chicken breasts, sliced (bit of butter or yogurt to hold the nuts on?).

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          I think the pie would be an easy way to trick them AND be a good vessel for whatever mixture I can get a 4, 5, and 6 year old to eat!

        2. This site has a great menu.

          There is cauliflower soup (vanilla milkshake), cupcakes (meatloaf with mashed potato icing), fish and chips (battered pineapple and cookie strips with raspberry "ketchup"). Delicious and

          1. I know you can't serve this - but it brought to mind something my mother said she did as a teen. She cut up cardboard in bar size pieces and then melted Ex-Lax and dipped the cardboard in it several times to coat and handed out her "chocolate" bars! Wow. What an April's Fool prank!

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              That sounds like a special kind of evil!!!