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Mar 28, 2012 12:37 PM

Birthday party food (vegetarian)

Hi all - planning my baby's first birthday party menu. We're hosting around 25 people plus a few kids in our apartment, starting at 3pm. So we're thinking light finger foods, obviously. We're vegetarian (not vegan) so the food will be as well. Here's what we've got so far:

Vegetarian "meat"balls in sauce (my dad's recipe, very easy, will sit in a crock pot)
Samosas (purchased from the place down the street)
Cut up veggies
2-3 dips (maybe a homemade white bean garlic dip, some kind of layered tex-mex type dip, and maybe hummus)
tortilla chips or pita chips or something like that (purchased)
Maybe a big bowl of goldfish crackers or something for the kiddos

(and we'll have cupcakes or something obviously)

Other suggestions? We want to avoid making too much at home, but stuff that can be made in advance would be great. And it needs to be ok served at room temperature since we don't have any chafing dishes or anything.

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  1. Vietnamese fresh spring rolls are always a hit at parties. Rice flour wrappers are usually available in the asian food section of larger supermarkets, and a good veggie filling is tofu, shredded lettuce and/or cabbage, shredded carrot, julienned cucumber, and bean sprouts. You can add mint and cilantro too. Serve with a peanut dipping sauce, lots of easy recipes available in a Google search. These can be made a day or two in advance and refrigerated, or you can buy them in bulk from a Vietnamese or Thai restaurant.

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      ah good idea, so obvious and yet I hadn't thought about it. Thanks!

    2. I really enjoy a recipe called "Spinach Chop" in Super Natural Every Day, by Heidi Swanson. I found this version of the recipe online:

      1. A stuffed round loaf of bread can be made the day before. If you like the olive salad in the traditional muffaletta, by all means use it. I prefer basil pesto and tapenade. Hollow out the loaf, put pesto on the bottom, tapenade on the top, then layer with whatever you like, wrap, weight down in the fridge overnight, slice in wedges. I like roasted red peppers, provolone, mozzarella, some sort of baby greens in between the layers to keep things from sliding around too much (spinach, micro salad greens, broccoli sprouts). Good at room temp.

        The round loaf cut in wedges seems to hold together better than a long loaf in crosswise slices.

        1. I'd do a cheese (cubes, slices, spreads, whatever)/fresh fruit (red seedless grapes, pineapple chunks) /nut (in paper cups) platter and call it a day.

          1. Sounds great so far! I agree that you need a cheese plate for more universal appeal.

            Three bean-based dips may be a bit much. Consider doing an artichoke or spinach dip with crostini.