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Mar 28, 2012 12:01 PM

Brussels - restaurant recs needed for: romance and European Quarter, and chocolate information?


I'm going to Brussels this weekend and am looking for a romantic restaurant. Does anyone have information on: Bleu de Toi (, Chez Marie (can't seem to find a link) or Les Salades de Gaspard (, or if there are any other 'romantic' recommendations?

We're arriving late Friday night and are staying in the European district. I'm having trouble finding reviews for a good restaurant close by for dinner around 10pm - so far I've fixated on Les Brassins (the only thing possibly turning me off is that some of the reviews say it's down a quiet, dark and scary road) - is this a good restaurant choice, or is there better?

And of course, I'll be getting chocolate! My list includes Pierre Marcolini, Wittamer, Mary Chocolatier, Frederic Blondeel, and Neuhaus. Would anyone be able to give me a vague idea of how much the chocolate in these places actually cost? I don't want to get too overexcited choosing chocolates and be crushed by the expensiveness.



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  1. Bleu de Toi (the expression is a hip way of saying crazy about you) should meet your needs - the food is not bad either.
    Not sure if Chez Marie has a website but it's a favourite of mine for years - food inventive, honest and consistent, also would meet the romantic bit. Reservations advised - tel 02.644.30.31 - and for taxis it can be hard to find (just get to Plas Flagey and it's behind the church).
    Brussels indeed does dark dingy streets but it's really a very safe city - and the best places to eat are often away from the main steets. Les Brassens is not a bad choice - in the same area you could consider La Creche des Artistes (great small Italian place on rue de la creche) or De la Vigne à l'assiette (very good wine list - rue de la longe haie, tel 02.647.68.03).
    I'm afraid the European quarter is not inspiring on a Friday night (but probably has good weekend hotel rates). For a 10.00 pm table you should reserve ahead - they will all speak enough English for this. These are fairly small restaurants and don't actively turn tables even on a busy night.
    Good Belgian pralines are not cheap but prices are displayed in all shops.

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      Thanks, that's really helpful. Good to know about the chocolate as well - I've been surprised at a pick n mix style chocolate shop before when I got to the till.