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Mar 28, 2012 11:40 AM

Visiting Manhattan - Best meal for under $100 each?

Hello Folks,

Four friends and I are visiting Manhattan for a week in May and were thinking of doing one meal at a place outside of the usual "students on vaction" places to eat. We were looking at something under $100, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

also, maybe a lounge or someplace similar for after dinner drinks?

any help is appreciated,

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  1. When you say $100pp, are you counting tax, tip, drinks/wine in that figure? You can very easily go over your budget if you're not careful.

    $100pp, minus 8.875% sales tax and 20% tip, leaves only $77pp or so, for food and drink. If you plan to drink a lot, it narrows your options.

    It's best to give a per person figure for food only.

    The top-tier restaurants are probably going to be out of your reach for dinner since they all require a prix fixe (lunch is usually cheaper). Would you be willing to consider doing lunch, instead?

    Any preferred cuisines? Neighborhoods?

    1. This is a broad request. If you could specify whether $100 includes or excludes drinks/tax/tip, your cuisine preferences, type of scene, neighborhood, and where you're coming from, that would be helpful.

      Otherwise, look into:



      Momofuku Ssam Bar

      Modern Bar Room




      1. Well, i guess $75-100 for just food. taxes/tips/booze can be added later.

        we are staying at The Carter, so anything around there. But we are willing to travel around Manhattan pretty much.