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Mar 28, 2012 11:33 AM

Royal Mile Pub Wheaton, I heard that it is re-opened?

Anyone visited it under new owners???

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  1. Stopped by last Friday and had a late lunch of fish and chips. Seemed to be the same quality dish they have always served. Not inexpensive at $14.50, but well made.

    Not much has changed in the place. It did look like they had a reduced number of Scotch whiskies currently available.

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      1. re: JRCann

        Had brunch there on Sunday. The food is the same--high quality overall and the portion sizes seems to be a bit larger. A bit of an older crowd than what I remember, but brunch is often like that. The smaller Scotch selection is due to the MoCo DLC making fewer scotches available. The new owners seem really nice and the place is the cleanest it's ever been, but to me something just seems to be missing. I miss the grungy, familiar place where everyone recognized you when you walked in...

      2. re: MDBBQFiend

        I went last night and really enjoyed my bangers and mash; the potatoes were out of this world! I was really intimidated by the Scotch selection. Whiskey is my drink of choice, but usually mixed with ginger ale. Any suggestions for a good place to start on their menu? To be honest, I've never drank anything nicer than Jameson.

        1. re: mlipps

          I recommend starting with Johnny Walker black label then branching out to Single Malt's like Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Maccallan , Laphraig, or Oban. I don't recommend trying this at a bar single malt is rather pricey maybe get a group of friends together for a tasting at your place and have them bring over different brands. I also recommend signing up for Johnnie Walker Tasting Events its free and they give you a solid background on scotch and also free samples of all their products.

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              Nice, thanks for the suggestions guys!

        2. Thought I'd update this thread. Went this weekend and really wanted to like it. The point of the trip was to try some scotches we've never had as I am just starting to get into it. Unfortunately neither the waiter nor the bartender knew anything about scotch (the waiter said the bartender was new). They were also out of a lot of the more expensive bottles. Food was ok, not terrible not great. Was grossed out by persistent flies. Waiter was a nervous wreck. If anyone knows of a bar with a good scotch selection and a knowledgeable staff, I am all ears.