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Mar 28, 2012 11:08 AM

West Coast BBQ and Brew

From the O'Brien's newsletter:

"We are getting close to opening West Coast Barbecue and Brew in La Mesa. We are partnering up with our friend Larry who will be running the place. Larry plans on having 28 draft beers and a nice bottle list along with great barbecue food. Look for more details next month, but hopefully the draft beer will flowing by May 1st with a grand opening towards the middle of May featuring some great beers. Expect the line up to be very O'Brien's-centric."

Eat at West Coast BBQ recently and there was no sign of changes although the storefronts next door appear vacant - perhaps they are expanding into there and will just close the main part once the new part is ready? No word on location but I am very excited!

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  1. I want to know more about the barbecue. It's easy to find good beer in San Diego.

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    1. re: nileg

      Just saw in SD Magazine that it will be in conjunction w/ West Coast BBQ on Lake Murray Blvd. Decent but not great BBQ that has been discussed on the board before.

      It was heretofore impossible for me to get good beer without driving so to potentially have a place with an O'Brien's-level selection in my neighborhood is fantastic. Hope there was no extra charge for the use of your wet blanket (ha ha)

      1. re: nileg

        OK, not great. Going in with the right (low) expectations would probably help.

        1. re: nileg

          The BBQ was better (actually much better) when they first opened. They have the ability to produce a better product than they currently are. Sides are weak. However, if you look at the average age of the eat in customer, it's probably over 70 and they're al most likely using a coupon from the PennySaver. It's not a clientel that demands or requires a better product than what they are currenlty serving. And it may not even be a clientel that cares how good the BBQ is, or isn't. It's reasonably priced and portions are VERY large.

          I think if the O'Briens demands a better product, it's probably doable.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            Totally agree about the sides. The chili has been my favorite but that is really only in comparison to the rest of the sides. The jalapeno brisket sandwich was a decent meal and in general I like their beef vs. pork or chicken.

        2. Can't say I have ever had good BBQ in San Diego.
          Especially when you compare it to places like San Luis Obispo.
          Wood Ranch is pretty good and they keep opening places closer to San Diego like now Irvine.
          I wonder if their quality will be maintained with all the expansion.

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          1. re: pantani

            Gellerosa was good. Dang I miss them. :(

            1. re: pantani

              Never tried Wood Ranch, but I'm skeptical it will satisfy BBQ purists, since it says on its menu:
              Slow-roasted then finished over a mesquite fire (i.e. essentially what Phil's does, except Phil's uses Oak). FWIW, there's a Mo's (originally started in San Luis Obispo) in Huntington Beach, that does do slow smoking (at least they did in their SLO location), and I think it's better than Coop's, but probably not good enough to be worth a special trip from SD.

              1. re: mikec

                I am not a BBQ expert but have been to Mo's in SLO a few times and feel that Wood Ranch (at least the one in Ventura) was comparable. Both are way better than anything here.

                1. re: pantani

                  Wood Ranch is not my idea of a BBQ joint. Went to the anaheim hills location. Think Phils. They roast then cook over a wood fire grill? That's basically Phils. No?

                  Tried Coops and it was ok. Closer, but not quite there yet.

                  Best BBQ is San Diego is still the one you make yourself. Time to bust out my Weber Smokey Mountain.