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Mar 28, 2012 10:32 AM

Brunch Update from the Board

I think we could use an update from everyone on where the current best brunch spots are for Saturday or Sunday brunch. Here are some categories for further fun:

Best outdoor
Best buffet
Best view
Best value
Best splurge
Best bloody marys
Best overall brunch dish
Best hidden gem

I would like to avoid the Easter brunch discussion as that is a one time event and definitely not my cup of tea.

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  1. We have done some great brunches at:

    Lon's (we were inside, but think they are now doing outside)
    T. Cook's, which has always been inside, but very good.
    Wright's, which has been inside, but has impressed.

    None are "hidden gems," and we normally do a bottle of FR Chardonnay, so not sure about the Bloody Marys. Personally, I like the Carousel Bar at the Monteleon Hotel in New Orleans.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      I am partial to Commander's Palace for Bloodies. The ice encased vodka bottle is a nice touch.

    2. Best outdoor brunch - Lon's.
      Best hidden gem - The Mission. The restaurant is well known but nobody ever talks about their amazing brunch.
      Best value used to be Ranch House Grille for breakfast but ever since a fire a year or so ago I've been searching for somewhere new.

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      1. re: PHXeater

        I totally agree with you on the Mission.

        1. re: PHXeater

          Ah, you have not stopped by the New Orleans Board in the last few years. CP's is very often mentioned, and for their Jazz Brunch, and their $ 0.25 martinis, though I am more of a wine, than a martini fan.

          The Bloody Marys at the Carousel Bar are unique, at least to my experiences, and well worth the time and price. I have not encountered any in Phoenix, that compare, but there may well be many, and I just do not know of them.

          In my experiences, I can usually talk about the brunch wine list, than I can the cocktails, but that is just me.


        2. Our favorite is Richardson's - Filet Jalepeno Eggs Benedict is hard to beat and $5 mimosa / bloody's

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          1. re: Dapuma

            I am excited that Richardon's is back in play. For this time of year, thinking about something outside, unless I need a little sunglasses indoor feel that morning!