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Mar 28, 2012 10:15 AM

Best Potato Kugel in Brooklyn?

hey folks,

especially with pesach approaches, it is mind boggling to me that i've lived in brooklyn for two years but haven't found potato kugel on the same level as Season's (Supersol) or Riverdale Kosher Marketplace. I leave right near Crown Heights, travel to Williamsburg frequently, and am willing to travel further to snag some good potato kugel for next week. Help!

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  1. Try the late Dovid Malka's business in Crown Heights (being run by his family now). Also try Landau's in Borough Park (18th Ave between 45th & 46th).

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    1. re: zsero

      That's awesome. I'm in Prospect Heights- where's Dovid Malka's exactly?

      1. re: voodootrane

        Pomegrante's overnight kugel is excellent.

        1. re: voodootrane

          1552 Carroll Street , between Troy and Schenectady.

          1. re: zsero

            do I just roll up and knock on the door? :-D

            1. re: voodootrane

              Pretty much. Certainly on Thursday or erev shabbos.

      2. Try deli plus, in boro park

        1. Meisner's Avenue I between 29th and Nostrand. If you like really greasy Meal mart on avenue M

          1. Meisner in Boro Park; Schicks.Meisner is not KP

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              Not in Brooklyn, but Kosher Island in Staten Island, NY has amazing potato kugel. I had not had it in a while, and had some last week, was even excellent cold. Worth a stop by if you are going through Staten Island, its that good

              1. re: seikoloco

                Sorry, but I don't agree. Kosher Island makes quite a few good things, but I don't think potato kugel is one of them. I find that their kugel is often gummy or rubbery. Like many other places, the quality of their kugel is inconsistent, and is usually at its best on Pesach.
                Gourmet on J's kugel is usually very good, except for the times that it's too salty. (And I like salt.) They make their kugel in two size tins, and I find that the larger size is less likely to be oversalted. Meisner's on New Utrecht Ave. Is also good when it's not too salty.

            2. Just curious, how much is a 9x13 (half steamer or lasagna pan) sized potato kugel going for in Brooklyn. Brachs is charging $19 and change for it. I planned on making my own but for $20 or less it may not be worth my while. I do plan on coming into Brooklyn so I may buy the kugel there.