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Mar 28, 2012 09:58 AM

who goes to new orleans 5 months pregnant.

So drinking is not really an option for me. But I have never been here before and have the opportunity to come on my husbands business trip and can't wait to visit.

but I would love to know where you can great bloody mary as they are my favorite and I have been craving those lately.

I am going to for two nights and three days. And am staying in the French Quarter.

here is what I am thinking. We arrive for lunch on Monday so I thought about sticking in the French Quarter for lunch and dinner and check out Jackson square, the farmers market, and the walk along the river. Bourbon Street later on.....Any suggestions on where to eat. I wanted to go to Parkway for a Roast Beef Po Boy but looks like it is far from the French Quarter and it is closed on Tuesday. So tell me where to have lunch and dinner there - I had a suggestion of Acme and POC. I can get a great burger anywhere so I don't think POC is where I will be going and I want to try Creole/Cajun food. I thought I would end the night at Three Muses to hear some great music and a cool bar. Can I do that in the French Quarter?

ON Tuesday. Eat breakfast at Cafe du Monde. Head out of the quarter and take a ride on the Street car. to the Garden District and check out a cemetery(any other suggestions). Will I be close to Willie Mae's - where should I go for lunch in that direction.

I made reservations for MiLA on Tuesday night but am second guessing my decision. Herbsaint was my other thought. Where should I go for dinner. I figure Monday night I hope to get recommendations for typical New Orleans must see restaurant. But on Tuesday I want to go where the locals are eating a nice dinner out.

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  1. Willie Mae's is nowhere near the Garden District. Commander's is right there. Farther up you have Coquette, Clancy's etc.

    I'd do Herbsaint over MiLA but that's no knock on them. On a Tuesday night, I'd say you are likely to find locals at any of the old warhorses.

    For visitors a good Monday suggestion in the French Quarter is Mr B's (Galatoire's is closed on Monday). Diiner might be good for Irene's or Bayona

    1. Just so you know, I have been planning my own trip to New Orleans and got a lot of negative backlash about the RB Po Boy at Parkway. Check this board for other recommendations and the Time Picayune is currently doing a series on the best RB Po Boy in town:

      1. My wife is the Bloody Mary fan and she likes the one at Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt (they make their own mix) and also Carousel at the Monteleone and the Bombay Club.

        While I really like MiLa, for you I think Herbsaint would be a better choice although it is a bit further up St. Charles away from the FQ.

        For lunch Tuesday think about Johnny's po-boys or a muffaleta at Central Grocery or Napoleon House. I can't speak much about roast beef po-boys. Believe it or not, I've been here 50 years and I may have averaged one RB po-boy every decade. It's a wonder they don't pull my N.O. passport. For me there are too many other good choices.

        And as we have said before, the typical "must see" restaurants, and where the locals dine, are the same places.

        1. The Green Goddess makes a dynamite Bloody! They roast off tomatos and puree the whole thing, to make their "juice".

          Very chunky...very delicious.

          1. Tues lunch: Commander's garden room. Prix fixe, good bloodys, 25 cent martinis. Do not miss it.
            I'd go to Herbsaint instead of Mila.
            Mon. lunch: August is just a few block across Canal St. 3courses $20.12. Arguably the best deal in town. Emeril's is in the warehouse district offering 3 courses around $20. Catch a ride in a pedicab.