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Mar 28, 2012 09:50 AM

Good quality blenders? Commercial?

I am starting up a small venture and needed to get a good blender. This Blender will be used for making drinks/smoothie type.. crushing ice.. and i might as well use it for purees etc.

I will also be making plentry of rice milk with it.. and want a strong motor to reduce the grit and chalkyness.

I would want to use 1 motor and have more then 1 vessel.

can anyone recommend some good ones?

Should i stick with vitamix?


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  1. The big two you will hear about are vitamix or blendtech. Professionally I've only experienced vitamix, and while expensive, they've never broken down. I noticed while in Australia for a year, the largest fruit/yogurt smoothie company there used 3 bases and multiple vessels and all were vitamix.

    If you want to save money you can try buying used at a restaurant supply store, but I wouldn't think twice about the decision on which one to buy, in my opinion at any rate.

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      My best friend has 2 restaurants. They originally bought normal blenders and went through them too quickly since they make a LOT of salsa daily. They now have a vitamix and it's going strong. BUT the pulse feature did die on them inside of 1 year. So they also bought a massive industrial immersion blender to do big batches. You'll need a serious piece of gear. Terret is quite correct.

      You can get great deals at restaurant gear auctions - and probably can get a great unit that will last a long time for like $100 or so. They are made to last.

    2. I have a blentec and I really like it. I use it mostly for green smoothies and it works wonderfully. I have the wide pitcher that makes it so much easier to clean and to get the last bit of smoothie out of the bottom. But the only reason that I chose it over the vitamix is because this one will fit on my counter under my cabinets. I like it there so it is ready when I am. ;o) The vitamix was too tall to leave on my counter.

      The way I decided, was to go on you tube and watch all the reviews on the blenders. There is some really good reviews on there. Some are even side to side comparisons between blenders, doing different jobs.