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Mar 28, 2012 09:25 AM

Dining room with a fireplace?

Can anyone recommend a place for dinner with a nice fireplace in the dining room? I'd be willing to drive anywhere in the county or even near the county. In a perfect world, it would be in a dark, wood paneled room and the menu would have some of my favorite comfort foods like coq au vin, cassoulet or carbonnade flamande, but in the real world, I could be pretty flexible. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. The only place that comes off the top of my head is Eddie V's in La Jolla. They still have the same fireplace from really pre chart house days. It is now in the bar but it is kinda seperated by an elevation change from the bar and you could eat dinner there. However its not real dark and the menu is steakhouse. The bar at AR Valentine has probably the nicest fireplace, but the way the tables are set up not sure you can eat dinnere there

    1. +1 Eddie V's. They did save the original "Green Dragon Colony" fireplace and it is fairly cozy at night...except for the TV showing sports (volume off). Extensive fish menu as well as steaks.

      The Spot has a great fireplace, unfortunately the food is fairly awful.

      1. I recall Barbarella in La Jolla Shores has a fireplace....I think two, one inside, and one outside in the back...pretty good food, woodfired oven items...Give a call or check website...Good Luck!

        1. Kitchen 1540 has a few tables by an outside fire ring.

          1. Wine Vault and Bistro has a fireplace in a white, wood paneled room.
            AR Valentein has that ambience that you're going for.