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Mar 28, 2012 09:22 AM

Down Industrial St. from Church & State, there is a sign with a Monkey on it. Bar? Restaurant?

Yep just curious to what it is....hard to tell from the street if it's a coffee house, pub or what?

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  1. Daily Dose, "Artisan coffee and sustainable gourmet food":

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    1. re: TonyC

      Spotty service, fantastic sandwiches.

      1. re: MahiMahiFish

        thanks guys....have either of you tried Little Bear as of yet? It was dead the other day I wondered in and I wondered right back out...

        1. re: gordita

          Just an FYI, I think you might enjoy coffee at Handsome vs. DD. Even though DD serves delicious Intelligentsia, they had some really bad pours the 4 or 5 times I ordered. My choices ran the spectrum from drip to latte to iced to cappuccino.
          Again, sandwiches are good.
          Little Bear, not yet, I think the food menu looks as good as the beer. menu. Any thoughts on Pizzanista?

          1. re: MahiMahiFish

            I enjoy Pizzanista for what it is -- quick, by the slice, NY style, open late, extremely affordable during Tony's happy hour. Go there more than Purgatory. Go there most out of any pizza place in LA, even though I can walk to Bollini's. It's like... a skater version of LaRocco's in Culver City.

            They source all the bottled soft drinks from Real Soda, and some of the ginger beer/root beers are absolute wins.

            Little Bear's food borders inedible. Beer list, fantastic(ally expensive). Why bother when you have Surly Goat/LA Brewery, etc?