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Mar 28, 2012 09:12 AM

Does anyone know where I can get green or young coconuts in montreal?

I am looking to make almond coconut milk and was told it was better(or at least easier) to use young coconuts which are green on the outside rather than older coconuts which are brown.I asked a couple of places at JTM and couldn't find any.

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  1. The young coconuts I've seen are usually found in Asian markets that have many Indian and SE Asian clients. I believe the exporters shave off the coconut hull before shipping so the young coconut looks like a giant egg with shallow point on one end. I haven't seen whole green-hulled coconuts for a long time,

    1. Super marche PA downtown on Fort had them a couple of weeks ago when i last went there.

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        I was actually at Rocky Montana on Sherbrooke yesterday shopping and found them.I spoke to a man who worked there and he told me that he picks them up at the market(which one I don't know) for the store whenever he see's them.Also they were only $1.39 which I thought was a pretty reasonable price.Now I just need to go and buy a clever to open them!

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          Marche Oriental (St Denis and Jean Talon) pretty much always has them in stock, sometimes on sale for 99c.

          1. re: wokhei

            Thanks for the tip! I actually work very close to there and can go on my lunch hour.