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Mar 28, 2012 08:13 AM

Authentic Mexican in San Antonio

I'm looking for a list of places in San Antonio that serve authentic Mexican cuisine.

Here are the ones I know about so far. To be considered authentic doesn't mean they don't have any Tex Mex items - but they do need to have at least several authentic dishes on the menu.

-not in any order:

Mexico 2 Go
Cascabel Mexican Patio
El Mirasol/Soluna
Erick's Tacos
Los Cocos Fruteria & Taqueria

I know there's a lot more. (c'mon West-siders!). Let's make a list so the next time somebody asks about Authentic Mex . .or complains about the ubiquitity of Tex Mex in SA, they can be pointed here. Also so I can make sure I eat at them all!


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  1. Cascabel, La Gloria and the soups at El Mirador come to mind.

    1. Ceilito Lindo should be on your list.

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      1. re: saeyedoc

        Thanks for the suggestion, saeyedoc! I had a chance to try Ceilito Lindo for lunch today - they do indeed have authentic mexican dishes on thier menu. I had enchiladas divorciadas. They were authentic style, taste was pretty good although I prefer El Mirasol by a good margin. The boracho beans, though, were fantastic. I don't know if boracho beans are Mexican or Tex Mex but these were absolutely the best boracho beans I have had in at least a year.

        1. re: San Antonio Sam

          Glad you enjoyed it. My favorites there are the Tampiquena plate, Chili Rellenos, Chilaquiles.

      2. Taqueria El Chilaquil
        Los Banderos Molinos (finding it on google maps never works, it is a couple blocks south of brown coffee on zarzamora)