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Mar 28, 2012 07:55 AM

Celebratory weekday lunch in Brooklyn

My girlfriend and I are Manhattan foodies who shamefully almost never make it out to Brooklyn to eat. We've been everywhere in Manhattan, but my Brooklyn experience is pretty much limited to Luger's and Roberta's. It is her birthday next week and we are planning to spend a morning/afternoon exploring Brooklyn a little more (we love to walk) and need a great recommendation for a weekday lunch. My only idea so far is Marlow & Sons, I had several others but many places only do weekend brunch. Her birthday dinner is at Babbo, so something other than Italian would be nice (but not absolutely necessary if the place is great). No preference on neighborhoods, willing to go anywhere. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Since you love to walk, why not take the train to Sheepshead Bay and walk around the waterfront? You can search the threads on Sheepshead Bay for recommendations.

    1. Al di la does lunch during the week.

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        I was going to say Al Di La or Frankie's Spuntino, but they are both Italian...

        If money is no object, how about the River Cafe? It's so lovely, it won't duplicate your Babbo meal, and the DUMBO neighborhood is fun to walk around in.

        P.S. You sound like a very nice boyfriend (LOL)!

        1. re: parkslopemama

          Haha thanks! Al Di La and Frankie's are two places that have been recommended to me in the past, so they are definitely on the short list even though they are Italian (we'd both be totally content with a nice salad and sandwich).

          Any input on Marlow & Sons, or other non-Italian ideas? I guess Brooklyn lacks the weekday business lunch scene so most places aren't open...

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            We were at James, in Prospect Heights this evening and were favorably impressed - they are starting to offer lunch Tues-Fri starting April 3. Quite good food and a I think this would be a pleasant lunch alternative if you were in the Park Slope area. Eclectic new american type cuisine. Id definitely recommend Al di La too - its good northern (non-red sauce) italian.

      2. Allswell (by the former CDC from Spotted Pig) in Williamsburg just started doing lunch. I had a great meal there.

        1. Isa is also pretty fantastic. It just got a James Beard nom for best new restaurant.