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Taco Bell taco stuffed bean burrito.

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Order a regular crunchy taco and a bean burrito.
Crush taco while it's still in the wrapper.
Open bean burrito and dump in the taco mess and hot sauces.
Enjoy it and don't feel bad about yourself, because that's some gourmet shit.

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  1. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I just suggested this very thing to a friend of mine who is hooked on the Doritos Double Decker tacos. Wish I had the cajones to try it...

    1. That sounds AMAZING.

      1. Cool.

        In the GTA they serve fries at TB. I like to order cheesy beef burritos (AKA Chilito) and put fries and hot sauce in them.


        1. This is why I love Chowhound. Gracias!