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Mar 28, 2012 06:52 AM


I bought a rabbit from the butcher not to long ago. What would you do with it?

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  1. Maybe this will help . I usually make cacciatore or marsala with rabbit .Once I braised rabbit with sauerkraut and juniper berries and another time with caraway seed added to the kraut

    1. i chop it up, pan sear it and then cook with white wine and aromatics, on low heat. will sometimes add bacon since the rabbit so lean. pull out all the meat when cooked. let cool. while it's cooling, strain and reduce the cooking liquid. shred the meat and add to the sauce. easy-peazy.

      1. Lapin a la moutarde (rabbit in mustard sauce) is a classic, & very easy. (Also good with chicken.) There are lots of versions out there - I usually use the one in Patricia Wells' Food Lovers Guide to Paris, a couple of ones on line that look good are:

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          Pan roast the legs & serve with cepes (porcini) and pasta, and make a pate out of the rest (including the liver -- very important) plus some pork shoulder. Center the loin in the middle for a nice presentation.

        2. There is a classic Belgian recipe for Rabbit cooked in Beer with Prunes (and maybe carrots?) I"ve cooked this once.

          I"ve also tried French Style Lapin a la moutarde (rabbit in mustard sauce) as mentioned above. Thats quite good. - although I think works best with farmed rabbits as they are much fattier and so don't dry out so much when cooking.

          You can just roast them whole like a Chicken. which is ok.

          Some suggest dividing the rabbit up into the legs and the saddle and cooking the saddle separately as its supposed to be the best bit. There are some videos on Youtube illustrating how to chop it up. I've tried it a few times with varying levels of success.

          In another thread I saw a suggestion of a Rabbit Cassoulet - which actually sounds interesting. I'm thinking of possibly doing that this weekend. but I'd also need to get some good french sausages. And I wonder does one still put in the Duck Confit Legs if you are doing a Cassoulet? I suspect its a bit of a bastardized Cassoulet.

          Anyone else have suggestions for Rabbit?

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            last time i made a cider-mustard- cream sauce for it. delicious and very seasonal.

          2. You can pan fry it just like Chicken.