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Mar 28, 2012 06:43 AM

HELP: Where can I find Chareidim Shmurah matzah?

It seems to have vanished from stores. Called the factory and they are no longer selling to the public. Told me private families had to order before Purim. Always bought it in stores and never had a problem so never thought to order it direct. Now two weeks until Pesach and I can't find it anywhere. Could anyone suggest a substitute in taste and quality? Used to use Pupa Tzalim but this was better. Help would be most appreciative.

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  1. There is at least one other thread where this is discussed. You can check there for suggestions rather than creating a new thread. But the short answer is you may be out of luck. It's gotten very popular and sells out quickly.

    1. According to our man Berel, Shatzer uses the same rolling technique that Charedim uses in their matzo baking process so I would give them a try..

      As to the private family business, a co-worker of mine will be getting his Charedim matzos a day before pesach. He knows the owners and made that arrangement. I don't know if he will be going to the factory to help make his batch of matzos or not.

      1. Berel if you are listening. To qualitatively measure the "thinness" of Shatzer matzo compared to Charedim we can use the measure of number of matzos per one pound box as a guide. If I remember I will count and post the result for Charedim and if you remember do the same for the Shatzer. Thicker matzo will be heavier and have less matzos per pound as thin ones.

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          To be accurate you need to measure the radius of the matzah too. Or at least the size of the box as an estimate.

          1. re: avitrek

            To be honest the most important measure is the number of matzos per one pound box. Why? because people eat matzo in "matzo units" whole, 1/2, 1/4. As an example, in chol hamoed, at breakfast I would eat one matzo w/butter. I would eat this whether the matzo was slightly bigger or smaller, thicker or thinner. At the seder, would you dole out different portion sizes depending on the matzo thickness or its diameter?

            1. re: MartyB

              Yes, the number per pound is the most important practical measure. Although on chol hamoed there is no reason you can't break off part of a matzah. But you were interested in using the count to measure thickness not to practically know how many whole matzahs you get.

              If you cut the radius of the matzah in half, you can get 4 times as many matzahs in a pound with the same thickness. In fact, a % reduction in radius will have a larger impact on the count than the thickness of the matzah. So the question is, are you interested in the most matzahs per pound or the thinnest matzah?

              1. re: avitrek

                >So the question is, are you interested in the most matzahs per pound or the thinnest matzah?

                Most matzos have similar diameters so thinnest usually implies more matzos per pound. I opened one of my boxes of Charedim matzos and counted 10 matzos.

          2. re: MartyB

            Besdies the Charedim, I bought Shatzer whole wheat. Can anyone tell me what the green sticker which says "Razeve" in English and Hebrew means.

              1. re: queenscook

                That is what I thought also. My husband callled the phone number on the box last night and the woman who answered said it meant "holy." We did not thinbk that was correct.

            1. re: MartyB

              there were 8 and 1/2 matzahs in the 1 lb box I just opened. I can see just by eyeballing them they're still not as thin as the Charedim matzah.

              1. re: berel

                Are Shatzer Shmurah matzah similar in taste to Charedim? I will be in Florida for pesach and called up Kosher Marketplace in Boca Raton and asked if they carry Charedim matzah and they said that they only will carry Shatzer and Chabad. Unless I can get my Charedim "fix" from another Florida store I just may have to settle with Shatzer. Being that I never had a Shatzer matzah before I would like a heads up as to level of disappointment (if any) that I can expect.

                Of course if I have some room left in my suitcase I will bring as many pounds of matzah that will fit - hopefully they wont be expensive matzah meal at trips end:) (Oh oh, my wife is looking at me like I am some kind of an idiot)

            2. rumor has it that they have sold out.

              1. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I saw several boxes of Chareidim Shmurah matzah at the Seasons at the Golden Horseshoe Plaza in Scarsdale on Sunday. Might be too late now but could be worth a phone call.