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Mar 28, 2012 05:42 AM

Nellie Green's, Branford, CT.

A friend told me about this place for fresh and wonderful seafood. I live in Fairfield, and I don't want to head up to Branford if it's not worth the trip! Has anyone been there? Is it worth it? Please tell me about about it. Thanks.

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  1. I've only been there for lunch which was very good. Last time there I had a shrimp lettuce and tomato wrap, their take on a BLT and it was great. The shrimp were large and very fresh.My companion had a scallops over field greens salad and loved it. If lunch is any indicator I'd say go for it.

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      Forgot to mention they have an out door patio overlooking the Branford river. Very nice venue.

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        Ugh. I wouldn't go back to either restaurant. Nellie Greens is on a muddy river- so the smell outside is nauseating, and their food reflects that.

        But Guilford Mooring is worse.

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          IIRC, the smell is only at low tide.

      2. I haven't been there this year yet, but last year definitely enjoyed the food. Now I'm anxious to go there! Also, another good place for seafood is in Guilford - Guilford Mooring.

        1. My DH and I went for lunch Saturday (minus kids). It was a beautiful day, so we sat outside. It was after 2pm, so it was quiet. four other tables outside and a sprinkling of patrons inside and at the bar. Our server Jason was incredible. So nice but not overbearing. We had such a great lunch there. Everything on the menu looked incredible, but the apps all looks so good, I couldn't decide. I ended up getting a bunch of apps. My husband got the calamari and the Nellie Green burger. Then, ended up adding in the shrimp cocktail. (Neither of us had breafkast). I had a cup of their NE clam chowder that was great (just needed some salt), steamed clams (not steamers)--they were clean and broth wsa good. And their fried artichoke hearts, which are a favorite of mine. Well, the calamari was one of the best fried plain calamari I've ever had and I loved the spicy sauce, like a remoulade but spicier. The sauce with teh artichokes was also heavenly--I think it was some kind of lime sauce. My husband enjoyed his huge shrimp and said the burger was delicious. All the burgers are served "New Haven" style meaning on toast, but not the thin stuff like in New Haven, more along the lines of Texas Toast. And incredible sweet potato fries. We don't drink but those around us were ordering all sorts of nice craft? beers. Jason told us they have entertainment on Thursday nights (I think), and a great two-for deal on Tuesdays(?) that includes a bottle of wine. He also said the bugs were starting in the evening but the owner was spraying and that helped. He also spoke about their good deal happy hours that included martini specials. It was very relaxing and there was no smell at all. It was a great meal. Pictures are below.

          Next time I will try the Lobster Grilled Cheese! Worth a drive I thought. And definitely WAY off the beaten path.

          1. My eldest and I went for lunch today. She wanted to eat outside by the water. Not a pretty or relaxing setting in an active boatyard listening to the power tools.
            There is no luncheon menu. Simple sandwich type plates were in the high teens. No simple seafood here either, everything had a frou frou twist.
            Daughter had a Black Bean Burrito plate with sweet potato fries (upcharge) and i ordered the appetizer Beef Wellington bites over spinach. $17 for 3 puff pastries containing well done roast beef and no mushroom duxelle over delicious sauteed baby spinach. I had a screwdriver, daughter had a glass of tonic water and the bill was $42 plus tip. Very high for what little food was served and lack of ambience.
            I won't be returning anytime soon....the things we do for our children