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Mar 28, 2012 05:28 AM

mini-quiches to go in the West Village?

For a party, I need to get mini-quiches, hopefully fresh not frozen and from someone who would be open by 10 or so in the morning. I'll be at Hudson and Grove (PS3) so it would be great for it to be someplace close to that. Thanks!

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  1. How mini do you need? Patisserie Claude sells small quiches that are about the size of a regular cupcake. They're very good, but it'll be pricey if you're feeding a crowd. I'd call ahead to ensure you have enough.

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      They'd be for 26 kindergarden and first-grade kids, so these might be too big. Perhaps they could be cut into smaller pieces. I'll go there and check it out. Thanks. But if you (or others) have other ideas, that would be great.

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        They would be pretty large for kindergarten and first graders and might be messy to divide, since the custard and crust are both exceptionally tender (and delicious!). Unfortunately, I don't know any other places in the neighborhood that sell anything smaller. You may just be better off buying a whole quiche and cutting it into pieces.