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Mar 28, 2012 02:40 AM

Wild boar

i have about 25 pounds of wild boar meat-including a 10 pound bone in leg- that I marinated in milk for 2 days after the kill/hunt in order to cut down on the gaminess. It is now vacuum packed and in the freezer.
the meat is quite lean and has been fully trimmed. Given it's size and lack of fat I suppose low and slow is the way to go, but it's my first time. Any tips or recipes for preparing and/or cooking the bone in leg would be much appreciated.

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  1. My only advice is that cuts that would be tender in pork are still not tender in wild boar. I tried to cook a boar shoulder the way I cook pork shoulder and it was extremely tough, even cooked low and slow. There just isn't the amount of fat/connective tissue. I'd love to hear what works well for you, though!

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      The one time i used boar, I braised the leg a fairly long time thinking it would be tough and wound up with mush. Of course, my "wild" boar was farm raised (from D'Artagnan), so it may be a totally different animal.

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        Shoulder isn't an inherently tender cut,. The loin cuts are.

      2. Broken Arrow Ranch has instructions on their website for cooking a whole leg. They recommend low and slow, but only cooking to an internal temperature of 150.

        1. Gaminess shouldn't be an issue if your boar was handled (quick, clean kill; gutted, skinned, cut up and stored) properly. We hunt and consume a lot of wild boar each year. The process we use depends on the cut but, for the whole leg with bone in, the broken arrow ranch advice suits me just fine.

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            We have prepared Wild Boar that we have purchased several times from and have found that cooking it slower and longer has been a good process for us.

            We over cooked our first trys until we learned to slow the cooking down.

          2. You may want to consider making sausage with some of it.

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              That's a great idea... thanks!