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Long Island/Queens diners?

Can anyone recommend a solid good diner in Long Island?
A place open until 10pm or later.
The Pantry diner (in Rockville Centre) was great - but has been closed since November from fire.
I've tried several others, and they were fair to mediocre at best.
I'm willing to drive as far as queens to find good diner food.

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  1. Premier DIner, Commack Rd, Commack, just south of the LIE. Maybe the Landmark on 25A in Manhasset. I used to like the Millenium Diner at the corner of 25 and 111 in Smithtown, but I've been told it's no longer all that, can't give a personal opinion. Here's a list with reviews from Newsday: http://long-island.newsday.com/restau... Not necessarily up to date and I've read from others that Thomas's is not so great.

    Some more compilation with reviews: http://www.urbanspoon.com/f/201/21215...

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      Point of information; only subscribers to Newsday or Optimum on line can access their website. Second, i used to think the Premier diner was good until I ordered a chicken pot pie which was totally flour with nil amount of chicken. Stay away from this item.

    2. I like the Hidden Pond Diner in Hauppauge (Route 111 and Route 347, SE corner). It is much better than the Paradise Diner on Route 454. Good food and good service. Excellent management at the Hidden Pond.


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      1. We love diners but we have the K.I.S.S. rule!! I'll explain if you don't know.

        Also, I.M.H.O. they aren't worth their salt if not open 24/7.

        That being said: Lake Grove Diner near the Smith Have Mall rocks!! We also like Premier.

        1. The Sherwood, on Rockaway Tpk in Lawrence. Very good reliable diner food open very early and very late!

          1. A nice large, up to date with parking, I recommend the East Bay on Merrick in Seaford, between Seaford-Oyster Bay and the Wantagh Pkwy... check Yelp for recommendations

            1. My wife and son today realized that we haven't frequented diners in a few years. Being that I have plans to make trips from where I live to as far west as Commack and east to both forks I plan to stop at any recommended diners .Any recs? and to start the Bellport Diner. Thanks

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              1. Majestic Diner, not far from Roosevelt Field

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                  My inlaws used to live on the north shore and when we were out there we would often go to the Majestic. I think it was sold a few years ago and it seemed to go downhill and they raised the prices. I remember it was something like $16 for a cobb salad. We haven't been back in a while though (maybe 2 years), so not sure what it's like now. My husband loved the pancakes.

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                    I haven't been there in a number of years too - loved it when I used to go.

                2. We recently ate at the Triple Crown Diner. It's right on the LI/Queens border--I really don't know on which side of the line.

                  Highly recommend.

                  1. Don't want to cause the OP to get less input but this topic just led me to the info that the Scobee Diner (Little Neck) closed in 2010. Wow! I grew up maybe 3 miles away and that true 'railcar' diner was there back in the '50s. Think it was called Twentieth Century, or even something else back then. Real diners are a rare and wonderful breed.