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Mar 27, 2012 09:43 PM

Urban Restaurant Suggestions

Hey guys,

I previously asked where to go for a quiet, romantic dinner and you guys didn't let me down by directing me to North Pond. I had a great meal there.

This time I'm looking for a restaurant that isn't so high-end, but still has very high quality food. Ideally (without alcohol) I'd be looking to spend around $100 for two. I would love a high energy place with a good ambiance. The only request is that the restaurant isn't classified as serving American food. I've briefly considered Carnivale but wasn't completely sold.

Any suggestions? I'll be dining April 21'st.

Thank you,

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  1. As you mentioned it specifically, I'm assuming "high energy" is an important criteria. If so, I'd focus mostly on River North/Gold Coast, as many of our "hip," high-energy places are located there. A few with above-average food that I'd recommend looking in to:

    - Nacional 27
    - Roka Akor
    - Sunda
    - Paris Club
    - Tavernita

    All serve some variation on fusion cuisine. I was particularly impressed with the food at Roka Akor when I went a couple months back, and Sunda's always a crowd pleaser.

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      In the West Loop, there's Maude's Liquor Bar (french) and Nellcote (Mediterranean? Italian/French-ish?). The latter is pretty new and reports, such as uhockey's ( indicate that the service is still rocky. But in a month, maybe it will catch up to the quality of the food?

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        Just visited Roka Akor this week - was also impressed with the food. It has a very good (thought a little pricey) wine list as well.

      2. Carnivale is excellent but it's not well situated (off the beaten path, not a place that you can walk around before/after). Of the list below, I'd go with Sunda or Tavernita (I honestly don't get Paris Club - just not that good).