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Mar 27, 2012 07:25 PM

EVOO Knocks Restaurant Week Out of the Park

They did what you hope for: showed you their best food and made it fun. The service was exceptional: attentive, helpful to my gluten-free friend, good-natured. The food was their regular menu: nothing stinted, held back, or shaved down. You could (and we did) get the three course menu with a wine flight (three glasses) chosen to go with each of your courses (and as there were six of us we did indeed try many different wine combos). The wine flight was 20.00 and a bargain: good wine, generous pours, well-matched. I started with a delicious rabbit liver pate followed by an excellent roast chicken with sweet pickled jalapeno and sweet potato among other things. I ended with a "lick the plate" desert of parsnip cake with sticky toffee sauce and pistachio ice cream. Others loved their various choices: rabbit confit, fried oysters, black bass, artic char among others.

The menu's range was exactly what it would have been if it hadn't been restaurant week. The only challenge was choosing among the generous offerings. I liked my basil mojito cocktail too and the salty bread sticks.

I hadn't been in the new space and we found we could talk comfortably and enjoy watching the kitchen at work. This is the first restaurant week in years where we tried something new and all six of us will add it to the rotation. Really nice work!

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  1. great review. And yay to that consistent crew at EVOO.

    1. Wow that sounds great - thanks for reviewing it for us! Perfect timing, because 5 of us from my lab are going for lunch today because I've always thought the menu looked awesome, and I had my fingers crossed that it was a good choice.

      1. nice review! have had very good lunches at evoo for non-rw. my only quibble being the charcuterie isn't available til after 5:00.

        as a frequent matinee goer to the kendall i am thrilled that there are so many good new places in this hood.

        1. We had thought to go to Oleana or Bergamot last night, but once I saw that Peter at EVOO was offering his sublime Roasted Garlic Flan with Porcini, we had dinner there instead.Every dish was as cleanly and beautifully executed as the next: said flan; our fav salad of all time- with rabbit, cheddar, port soaked cherries (we just can't not order it); arctic char w/ sunchoke puree; spiced chicken breast with a cheesy grits cake , habanero pumpkin slaw and a rich red beautifully balanced mole. Tipped off by a CH on the Best Desserts thread, we took home, from the sister Za, a chocolate chevre cheesecake, as light and silky as a dream.

          Service was as consistently excellent as ever; always a good sign to see Hostess/Manager and waitstaff still there for their second decade. I liken Evoo to Rendezvous in that both chef/owners Peter and Steve, are quiet and modest, as is the atmosphere they create and the food they present. Serious thought and talent goes into every element. They don't do a lot of PR; they just hone their craft every night on the line, and Master Craftsmen they are.

          If you haven't been to EVOO in a while,I'm sure you'll really enjoy yourself there. We look forward to returning soon.

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            Glad you brought this up. I haven't been in a while because the menu hadn't changed much for awhile there but looking at it after reading your review, I see that it has changed substantially. Back into the rotation EVOO goes.