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Mar 27, 2012 06:39 PM

Weds thru Fri dinner, solo diner

speaking of Venezuelan sticky suns.....Stickies here! Traveling to Seattle tomorrow And need restos for solo dinner Weds thru Fri. Am staying at renaissance hotel at 515 Madison and will sign up for anything from a solo seat at the bar of a high end restaurant with great cocktails and wine by the glass to a hole in the wall ethnic joint. Would prefer something near the hotel but am very willing to take a cab for great food. Nothing overtly touristy unless it's really incredible. Tx in advance for great chow advice! Love this site and promise to report back on my adventures!

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  1. About a 5 minute walk from your hotel is the Metropolitan Grill, which I think meets the first category you listed (high end, cocktails, good wines BTG). Very Seattle.

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      The oysters on the half are remarkable.
      My go-to place in Seattle.

    2. I would head up to Canon. It's not a restaurant but a great cocktail bar serving good food.

      Or Anchovies and Olives. Great seafood and wine with decent cocktails.

      1. I had a great solo dinner at Sitka and Spruce recently (quail and pork belly... delicious!).

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          Mmmmmm....oysters and sparkly at bar Ferdinand followed by yummy meal at Sitka and spruce last night.....perfect! Going to dahlia lounge tonight w clients, their choice, hope it's good! One more night tomoro. Any sushi suggestions?

          Woke up extra early for top pot donuts.....worth the extra early wake up call and walk in rain!

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            exclusively sushi or other japanese dishes as well? nishino or shiro's are solid. maneki is good and more casual, but prefer the other two, though they are more pricey. japonessa and umi have pretty solid HH deals.

        2. Ok, so took the bus to walrus and the carpenter. Well, well worth it. In fact, it's one of the best meals I've eaten in months. what didn't I eat? I ate all nine local oysters. Oyster gratin ( which was actually the one dish I didn't care for) , lamb heart carpaccio w pickled berries, a really incredible salad w cabbage and sunchokes, steak tartar, and the most deli ious desert of hot car amel ( as opposed to hot chocolate) w salt and pepper. Strong re ommendation! Bus is super easy fr downtown!

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            Did you find Dahlia Lounge a bit dated and stuffy? I didn't see any comments on it at all. Glad you enjoyed W&C. It's also a fav among locals, Stickies.

            Have a good flight home!