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Mar 27, 2012 06:33 PM

Brick house kitchen charleston?

we are headed down friday and realize downtown will be a zoo this weekend. Our daughter who is a vegan likes the BHK.We will be staying at Folly so the BHK will be on the right side of town.Anybody been there?

I think saturday night we will get a bunch of softshells at Crosby's to cook at the house:)

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  1. I have not but have only heard good things....but dont forget it is cash only!

    1. It's already a zoo. Everybody will be out tomorrow night looking for spaghetti.

      I've never been there either. Give us a report. ok?

      The softshells are really good this year. Have fun.

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      1. re: Sue in Mt P

        Where to start.BHK is a 100 year old mansion mixed with Survivor Island.I had the sauteed SS crab special.the seasoning and presentation were sparse,The wife had crab cakes that were just okay.There may have been surimi hid in there. Daughter had an interesting vegan "ragout"style dish that she really liked.BHK is "price point" dining for sure.I guess I'll call this a testing error until I try another regular menu item.

        We were put off by the fact that my wife's cosmo was served in an opaque rice starch throw away cup that looked to be from the bathroom of a Motel 6.The last time I checked proper cocktail glasses seldom end up in a landfill.

        The highlight of the trip was a great lunch at the Wich Doctor down at Folly.I think I have Sue the thank for that tip!

        1. re: mollybelle

          Hoo. Sounds rough. Thanks for the report.

          Glad you enjoyed Wich Doctor.