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Mar 27, 2012 06:04 PM

Southern Food (better keep your head)

Having just spent a week in the South, I'm already suffering.

Are there any restaurants in the area that serve Southern food beyond barbecue and fried chicken? I'm aware of the Kingfish Cafe, Southern Kitchen, and various Cajun/Creole places, but I'm not aware of any place that really focuses on meat-and-three or low country dishes. Surely somebody is cooking white grits or potlikker gravy.

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  1. The Sexton in Ballard makes some attempts. I've only been once, early in their existence. It was good, not great, but had potential.

    1. I don't but I am going to try to keep this thread alive because I hope someone will suggest a place! Strangely, the closest thing I have seen in spirit (if not in specific food items) is at Hawaiian places, Kauai Family in Georgetown does a very nice Southern-ish job of making vegetables bad for you.