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Mar 27, 2012 04:37 PM

Cheese Shop in Phoenixville

Was there ever a cheese shop in Phoenixville? and is there enough people to support it?

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  1. Yes, there was a cheese shop in Phoenixville that closed three or four years ago. I never had the chance to visit it, but met the owner at an event hosted by a local cheesemaker. As I recall, his wanting to spend more time with his family was a reason for closing the shop, but I also think that he was not getting enough business to stay open.

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      I think a cheese shop would be great in the town - a sandwich shop just recently closed up in town as well, not sure what the reasons were. Seems it could have been the business model. I was cheese shopping at wegmans in collegeville, and it just isn't like a nice downtown cheese shop, with the charm and knowledge to make you want to buy the cheese.

    2. As noted, yes there was a cheese shop in Phoenixville. Had stopped once or twice and found the selection quite basic with city level prices. There is now a very nice little shop in Skippack Village with a helpful, friendly cheese monger and a nice selection of items, signed The Grand Fromage.

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        I bet the prices at the Grand Fromage are no different, and that they are asking city prices as well - what constitutes city prices? cheese is expensive even before they put on there shelf for resale. So the question is will people buy artisanal cheese or will they just go to the giant and buy sharp cheddar from the refrigerator island.

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          I was a regular at Michael Ramondo's shop in Pville, and I really miss that shop. For a while, a guy called Gerry tried to sell bread (which he baked ) and cheese and some high end food products in the shop where Soltrane (sp?) now sits, but that did not last long.

          Simply put, there was not enough business. Michael would tell me he was busy on Saturdays, but would spend hours staring at the clock when he was open mid-week.

          I now go to The Grand Fromage, which is a lot further for me (I live west of Pville). Prices are admittedly "city" but you get the benefit of someone who is making sure they are not selling you garbage (eg Brie or Camembert that has been wrapped in Saran wrap and has gone "ammonia") that you occasionally get even at Wegman's or at Clyde Weaver (cheesemonger at the Lancaster Co farmer's market in Wayne). To me, it's worth it.

          And if we don't support the serious independents, our only choice will be the refrigerator island at Giant or Wegman's. Not to knock Wegman's too hard (I am really happy they are around), but it's just not the same thing.

          1. re: FrancisdeR

            if your going to do it you have to sell something else besides cheese, sandwiches that are cheese inspired etc..

          2. re: cheesehead300

            What will "people" buy? Obviously those who know the differences and value that difference, thus will pay the delta for their cheese, are fewer than the average cheese buyer.. The assumption that all artisanal cheese( or beer for that matter) is good or better is a misnomer. Our NYC visits frequently include Murray's where one can become jaded by the number and quality of the cheeses. Quality, Variety, Knowledge with good service and "City Prices"!

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              I try never to count NYC in with the masses, it's on it's own level, with it's own economy that commands the prices.

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                Ok thanks for your observations on NYC, the non-masses, its economy, big city prices and of course cheese ?

        2. I live west of Phoenixville, in Kimberton and the Kimberton Whole Foods store (NOT to be confused with the chain...KWF has been around a whole lot longer than the chain) has a wonderful selection of artisanal cheeses, international cheeses that are very good. In addition, they have a wonderful cafe that is inside the store. Check it out!