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Mar 27, 2012 04:15 PM

Puree garlic?

I am thinking about making Chicken Marbella frorm the Silver Palate Cookbook. It says to puree a head a garlic. Any suggestions on how to puree a head of garlic? Also, my husband doesn't like olives and I love them. Would I suffer more if they are omitted, or, is the flavor of the olives so overpowering that my husband will suffer if they are included?
Thanks, and any hints or thoughts about making this dish are welcome!!

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  1. I would puree in a food processor. As to the olives, you could always chop some up and sprinkle under and on top of your serving of Mirabella.

    1. Puree garlic:
      You can omit the olives and, just about ten minutes before serving, remove enough of the sauce for your serving from the nearly finished dish, add the olives (two or three per serving) and simmer.
      If your husband isn't a fan of capers, you can use the same procedure for that ingredient.

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        Thanks for these responses. The link that you provided, todao, is great. Thanks for directing me to that site.

      2. If i'm pureeing a lot I'll use a food processor, but if its only a clove or two then I'd use a microplane, I am used to using it so it works fast for me,but just watch your fingers the first few times.

        You can also use a garlic press, they work pretty well, and you can even press them with the skin on which is very convenient.

        I used to do the knife technique before I had a microplane and it does work well, but I use mostly Japanese knives now and don't want to do too much rock chopping with them. As a tip when doing the knife method, if you sprinkle salt over the garlic after smashing it then it helps to add some friction to the garlic and helps keep it together and break it down to a puree a bit faster.