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Mar 27, 2012 04:01 PM

Healthy oils for passover cooking?

Besides extra virgin olive oil, are there other healthy cooking oils (or specific brands of those oils) that don't require special labeling for Passover?

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  1. Hollywood brand safflower

    1. To my knowledge only extra virgin olive oil gets a pass.

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        I think grapeseed oil is also considered pretty decent.

      2. Actually both safflower and grape seed oil are pretty decent compared to the most common cottonseed oil. They are both high in monosaturaded fatty acids, and as opposed to olive oil, try have a high smoke point making them a better choice for frying. The rich flavor of olive oil, makes it more appropriated for salads. Also, for parve baking, don't even try olive oil for brownies. My son did it once. Lol

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          I must disagree re: olive oil for brownies. I would not use extra virgin olive oil, which is usually pretty thick/heavy, but light olive oil is also available, and very usable for baking all sorts of things. I think the nutrition is the same, as well.

          I also have a chocolate mousse recipe which specifically calls for extra-virgin olive oil, which I doubted at first, but it's really great.

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            Point taken, but my son used evoo once when he was a young teen. My family still gets a smile out of that story. Love to try that mousse. Sounds intriguing

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              that recipe is the one from the NY times?

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                  I was very skeptical about that recipe but it is really good . If you think of olives as the fruit they are, it seems more reasonable.

          2. Would coconut oil count as Kosher for Passover? (My ancestors are rolling over in their graves *right now*.) If so, it's great for both higher-heat cooking and baking. And don't believe the "tropical oils are bad" hype; as long as it's pressed, it is mostly medium-chain fatty acids, which are very good for you.

            Wait; another thread says yes on the KFPbit, at least for one brand:

            1. I got a very good buy on Grapeseed Oil (Italian sounding naem) at Costco. I've used it before and it's a good quality. It's better for cooking and baking because it has a higher burning point than EVOO, and it has a neutral taste.
              It has a Star-K; I called the Star-K and they said Grapeseed Oil does not need a Passover certification.