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Mar 27, 2012 03:56 PM

48 Hours in SD

Heading to San Diego/La Jolla for our anniversary April 13-15. We're from LA but we haven't really spent much time down in SD so we're looking for some suggestions on where to eat.

Any great lunch and dinner spots? We've been researching and we may be interested in one of Brian Malarky's places, but I've heard mixed things. And we're leaning towards Truluck's because we're fans of Joe's Stone Crabs and apparently they serve them. But we're still open to suggestions. We're big seafood eaters and we're not afraid of hole in the wall restaurants for lunch and casual dinners, but we'll probably do something a bit on the nice side for dinner Saturday night.

Are there any hidden gems for cheap fresh lobster? Best taco spot?

And if anyone can suggest some good eats on the way down from LA, we're open to hearing them! We're staying in La Jolla, so we're open to that area and Del Mar as well.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Are you in La Jolla, or faux La Jolla (i.e. La Jolla-UTC, where most of the big hotels are located)?

    In the village there is El Pescador - a fish market that will make yummy sandwiches from their available product. Even if you are in La Jolla-UTC, it's only about a 15 minute drive, give or take.

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      According to the map, it's La Jolla just south of Torrey Pines. I'll look into El Pescador. Thanks!

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        That's either the TP Hilton or the Lodge at Torrey Pines. Both are about 6 miles north of the Village of La Jolla where El Pescador is, as well as many other dining options.

        A lot of people like AR Valentien, which is at the Lodge at Torrey Pines. One of your best options may be walkable. :)

    2. you'll be coming down the 5 from LA.

      In Encinitas, Elizabethan Desserts is a great place to pick up American-style mini pies, cookies, brownies, buckles. Solace at the Moonlight Lounge and Blue Ribbon Artisanal Pizzeria are both really good for lunch. Check the hours for Blue Ribbon b/c they're not open for lunch every day. If you're in the area around dinnertime, Kaito has the best sushi in the county.

      Do a search for La Jolla and Del Mar on the board. You'll find all the favorites.

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        agreed on Kaito - there are some great sushi spots in LA but Kaito is at least on par and likely much more affordable. If you're a fan of sushi I think you would really enjoy that omakase.

        Georges Modern has a fantastic view.

        Flavor Del Mar just started doing a tasting menu and I've heard very good things.

        Whisknladle is undergoing some renovations, but prep-kitchen La Jolla might be a nice lunch spot.

      2. Try Catch in Carlsbad for seafood.

        Paon is good, too - it's across the street and is owned by the same people, I believe.

        Truluck's had terrible service last time I was there. Food was mediocre. Maybe it was just an off night but I won't be going back.