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Mar 27, 2012 03:30 PM

kosher eating

We're coming to a conference at the Marriot Downtown Magnificent Mile and are trying to find reliable kosher places to eat, preferably in walking distance.

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  1. There are really only options downtown are the Metro Klub restaurant in the Crowne Plaza hotel on the west side of the Loop or the Loop Synagogue which imports sandwiches from the Sandwich Club - a restaurant in Skokie - - both are lunch only.

    The majority of kosher restaurants are is the north side neighborhood of West Rogers Park, and Skokie about a 30-40 minute cab ride - some of these restaurants will deliver downtown including Tein Li Chow (, the Sandwich Club ( and Taboun Grill ( all of which are very good with Taboun IMHO being the best Kosher restaurant in Chicago

    - for a complete list of restaurants you check here:

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      Forgot to add - there are also reviews of some of the restaurants on the kosher board on chowhound

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          Any chance that there is a place to get a kosher hot dog around the Magnificent Mile? If not, where is the best and closest?

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            I am sorry there is nothing kosher near the Mag Mile

            The closest is the Kotel Kosher - - which just opened inside the Chicago French Market which is about 3/4 of mile from the Mag Mile.

            Other options are Metro Klub on Madison by Greektown -