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Mar 27, 2012 03:27 PM

strada Italiano-Asheville

What is the scoop????/ - Scheduled to open at 27 Broadway today
home of three restaurant failures

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. We're going on Thursday and will report back!

        1. re: miss piggy

          We had a great experience at Strada and will definitely be back. It was a full house on Thursday and the service was excellent. Enjoyed a bottle of reasonably priced wine along with an antipasto plate for $9 that would feed an army and left me stuffed, plus shrimp scampi and a rolled pork loin with sides of creamy mashed potatoes and garlicky, buttery spinach - delicious comfort food. I'd love to go back and sit at the bar and make a meal of some apps because the fried risotto balls and fried calamari also looked tasty. The menu is balanced with entrees in the $15-25 range and pastas in small and large portions so there is something for every taste and budget. My small scampi was only $13 and was a large portion that I could hardly finish half of (especially after that fantastic antipasto) and also came with a soup or salad. I opted for the soup which was a creamy exotic mushroom - wow, I'm still dreaming about this one which was light and creamy and chock full of thick-cut wild mushrooms. Yum. We always liked Fiore's and it's very similar. I think this could be the one that beats the curse of this space that has housed several restaurant flops and wish them all the best.

      2. I meant to post more timely re: Strada, so part of the details are escaping me. We were there last week while on a trip to Asheville and had a lovely time. For some reason I thought I understood that it had only been open a month, but I see from the post below that I must have misunderstood.

        We got there rather late (at least for me) about 9:30 and about 75% of the restaurant was filled, which I thought was a good sign. I am a sucker for 2-story restaurants and big chalkboards, so that was neat. I liked the cool, classic atmosphere and the small selection of breads (& maybe pastries) for sale at the front .

        We had a selection of things from the menu and my very favorites were the figs and the chocolate cake. The Arancini were very crispy, which I liked, but thought they needed more cheese with the risotto filling as it was a tad dry inside. The Tuscan Duck was quite nice.

        The wait staff and owner could not have been nicer. Definitely a lovely experience, capped off next door at Sazerac with a wonderful cocktail before treading back to the hotel.
        27 Broadway Street Asheville, NC 28801
        (828) 348-8448