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Mar 27, 2012 03:02 PM

Best Eatin' in Cleveland?

What are the best restaurants in Cleveland? Not necessarily the fanciest (although they could be fancy) but the places that just serve the most delicious, wonderful food that you can't wait to have again? Here are a few of my favorites: Phnom Penh ( on west 25th st., Cambodian, which is hard to find in almost any city..if you love Thai food, you'll love Cambodian too), Hunan East (Richmond Hts..ask for the Chinese picturebook menu, which is authentic Shanghai food, not served in most cities), Bodega (on Coventry..small plates and Moroccan food), Johhny's on Fulton (great Northern Italian in a dicey neighborhood..expensive but worth it)..Amp 150 (small plates in the Airport Marriott served with a good helping of Rock N Roll). Cleveland has really become a great restaurant town! What are your faves?

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  1. Cleveland is a great food town, period! We have wonderful local grass farmers to supplement our great restaurants and a lot of community gardens which are terrific! So, favorite restaurants: Parallax (Tremont), Player's on Madison (Lakewood), Luxe (Gordon Square), Blue Point Grill (downtown), Southside (Tremont), Happy Dog is fun. So many that we haven't gotten to you yet-Crop, Dragonfly, SoHo, Light Bistro and more. I love to cook so we don't go out that often, but lots of good choices on the list to try.

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      I've been to a few of the places you mentioned. The new Crop is really beautiful. I went during Happy hour, sat at their lovely bar and had drinks and apps. The cherry bomb, from their old menu is still the bomb and others were great as well. Overall, A for looks and service, B+ for food. Dragonfly was also nice, although the moving light beams may be gimicky for some. The food and service was about a B and the looks maybe a B-. SOHO is fun low country food. I had the fried green tomato blt which was very good and some duck gumbo, also quite good. The place looks quite updated from the bakery it formerly held and overall, I would give it a good B+ all around. My wife and I also went to Light Bistro, which is cute and has a very interesting menu, but we were disappointed in the execution of the food and I would only give it about a B-?C+. The place looks nice though, and service was good.

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          Really? Did not read this. Do you know when they closed? Their website says "new menu coming April 5, 2012" I think maybe Marlin Kaplan ended his affiliation with the restaurant--but I'm not positive about that.

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            Yeah, like 2 days ago. It is all the talk amongst the foodies here.

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              Saw it in the paper. Excuse me for not being a foodie.

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                I didn't mean to come off as chastising! I was just saying it's been a big topic of discussion here, it was a pretty big surprise. Sorry if I came off wrong, didn't mean that at ALL.

    2. I think Cleveland's food scene is especially impressive considering the size of the metro area. I have lived in Chicago and New York, and I can honestly say that there are way more great options here than I have time for. I want to add favorites Fahrenheit, Georgetown (formally 3 Birds), and Flying Fig to the more upscale ones mentioned. On a smaller, more reasonable note I love Barocco Grille in Lakewood, India Garden in Lakewood, Korea House and Superior Pho in Asia Town and I can't wait to try Soho on West 25th, Spice on Detroit, and Hodge's downtown.

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        I agree with you on Flying Fig and Fahrenheit (love their Kobe shortribs!), and have not yet been to Georgetwon since it changed names. Barocco Grill is really tasty, although the decor and selection are minimal at best. SOHO is very good and there is no competition in C-Town for this type of food. I find all the Vietnamese restaurants to be about the same quality and all are great values. I was just at Hodges, but it had not yet opened. The menu looks very interesting, though and the place pretty cool. You might also like to try The Hipp, another food ruck guy's new place (Jae Stulock). The food is mighty tasty and prices very reasonable.

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          Went to Hodge's for lunch yesterday, it was very good and very funky/cool decor.

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            Haven't been to Hodge's yet, but will certainly do so in the near future.