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Mar 27, 2012 02:57 PM

Mango Sticky Rice

I did a search for this and didn't immediately see anything, but apologies if this is a common question posted.

Is there a decent place to get mango sticky rice in San Diego now mangoes are coming into season? My first MSR experience was in Thailand (and I think I ate it EVERY DAY while I was there because it blew my mind). I've never found anything as good as some I had in Thailand in the US yet, but I keep hoping! I normally get my Thai food fix at Sab-a-lee on Ulric and Linda Vista but I don't remember their MSR being remarkable. Any suggestions? (Short of making it - I'd prefer to remain ignorant of exactly how much coconut cream is involved and would probably not be able to do the dish justice in my non-Thai kitchen).

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  1. I've enjoyed the mango and sticky rice at Thai House on Convoy. And when it is available, the Trader Joe's version isn't bad in a pinch (not fresh and has nutrition info, which ruins some of the fun).

    1. Saffron has mangos and sticky rice. Their rice is a little on the sweet side for me. It's really easy to make. Martin Yan has a good recipe in one of his cookbooks. Uses coconut milk, not cream. If you do make your own, get the Chaokah brand of coconut milk. It is very good and flavorful.

      1. Just had that at Supannee on Shelter Island.
        It was pretty good.

        1. The version at Thai Basil in Downtown Encinitas is excellent.

          1. I had MSR at Thai Kitchen in La Jolla and thought it was outstanding.