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Mar 27, 2012 02:57 PM

newer restaurants in Lisbon

We continue to plan our trip to Lisbon and rely on Chowhound folks for the best recommendations. Recently I have read about Cantinho do Avillez and Tasca da Esquino. Has anyone eaten there? Thoughts?



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  1. Cantinho do Avillez was very good, and certainly worth checking out. We spent 5 days in Lisbon,and Alma was the best meal we had.

    Avoid Olivier Cafe. This restaurant redefines mediocrity. We had cod with risotto and chicken breast, and that was exactly what we got. Our dishes were prepared well enough, albeit a bit under-seasoned, but there was absolutely no creatively exercised anywhere. The staff was just competent enough to not receive negative feedback here, but don’t expect anything beyond minimum effort. We were greeted by the restaurant manager, who was pleasant enough, but quickly shuffled off to a nearby table to smoke cigarettes for the remainder of our visit. For the price, there are certainly better restaurants in Lisbon.

    1. Had lunch a couple of months ago at Cantinho do Avillez, and cannot say I was impressed. But I think the Master only appears at dinner...
      Had a superb tasting menu at he "Panorama" restaurant of the Sheraton. Specify a table by the windows, the view is breathtaking, and the food was tops.
      Had another dinner at "Feitoria" in the Hotel Altis Belem (1* Michelin). Nearly too modern cuisine for me, but very good anyway.
      Also discovered a recently reopened Fado restaurant called "Adega Machado" in the Bairro Alto. The food was surprisingly good and so was the Fado. There were even quite a few locals that night! A good spot to remember...

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        We did have dinner at Cantinho do Avillez and although we enjoyed it, it was not our favorite. But I think this had a lot to do with the atmosphere, which was much more relaxed (it is a Cantiho, after all.) At least for us, that took something away.