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Mar 27, 2012 02:26 PM

Need fresh yeast

Hi going to make some Hot Cross buns for Easter , I can get the instant yeast but would love to find some fresh, no real problem where to get can travel

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  1. D'you mean cake yeast? You can get that at most decent supermarkets, though likely only Fleischmanns. It's usually in the dairy case next to the butter.

    Although having used all the usual forms of yeast (cake, active dry, instant and rapid-rise), I'm all about instant. Easiest to use and I find it most consistently gives a good controlled rise.

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    1. re: Jenny Ondioline

      Agreed, there is no difference in how it performs. Biologically there is very little difference in the actual organisms.

    2. The easiest avenue to purchase fresh yeast is via bakery that uses it. Piantedosi in Malden always has it at their outlet, albeit frozen. Central Bakery on Cambridge St in Cambridge is a bit more iffy and this is a very busy time of the year for them with Easter Folar, but if you are nice you might be able to get some. The folks at Winter Hill Bakery are very mellow and I think they still use fresh yeast, but its been a while since I bought any from them so not certain (they sell a lot of dough). There are others and Paul W Marks in Everett distributes fresh yeast (in larger quantities), but getting it from a bakery is easiest (and a lot cheaper by wt than the small squares a supermarket will offer).

      1. I have found them at my local Trucchi's and Sudbury Farms.
        Haven't seen them in Shaw's or Stop & Stop.

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          Earlier this month, I was surprised to find some at the Shaw's in Porter Square. I don't know if they've restocked it.

          Also, according to a previous post on Chowhound, "Arax (in Watertown) usually has it in blocks that are around the size of a stick of butter". I can't confirm this because I haven't checked it out yet.

          I would try calling either location. Good luck.

        2. Last I bought fresh yeast (which admittedly is a while ago, maybe a year), I found it at the Super Stop & Shop in Watertown. I grew up with, and learned to bake with, fresh yeast, so really like it, but agree with Jenny that I don't think it makes a big difference in the final result.