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Mar 27, 2012 01:35 PM


I'm hoping to find a local source for tayberries this summer to make jam (and just to eat!). For those who are unfamiliar, the tayberry is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry with a wonderful sweet-tart flavor. I would love to find them at a farmers market or u-pick. I think they should be in season mid-summer, but was wondering if anyone had seen them around in previous years. I'm in the east bay but would consider driving a little ways out to get them.


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  1. Yerena sells them at Ferry Plaza in the summer.

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    1. I've bought them at the Alemany market, in bulk, for jam making. They'd be a lot cheaper than the Ferry Building, if that matters to you.

      1. Looks like Yerenna Farms is also at the Oakland farmer's market near me. Thanks so much folks! :)

        1. An ex-co-worker used to pick tays at some bay area farm. Not sure which one though.

          1. Swanton Berry Farms near Pescadero grows them. They're right next to the olallieberry u-pick. Pretty sure they don't have a tayberry u-pick but you could call and ask them where/when they sell them.

            From their website,

            Swanton Coastways Ranch U-Pick
            640 Highway 1 Pescadero, CA 94060