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Mar 27, 2012 01:06 PM

What happened to Soho Pizza Factory on Staten Island?

Last week I stopped by Soho Pizza Factory, located on Richmond Hill Road on Staten Island, in the hopes of grabbing some slices of their terrific square pizza. But the place appeared to be permanently closed - there was a "For Rent" sign in the window and the interior was completely stripped bare, with the ovens and booths removed.

This is extremely disappointing to me, as Soho Pizza Factory served one of the best square slices in the entire Tri-State Area. Does anyone know what happened? Did they close for good, or perhaps they moved somewhere else?

I haven't been able to find out anything online, but the closure seems to have happened very recently. And as far as I know, their sister establishment, Salvatore of Soho on Hylan Boulevard, is still open.

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  1. Any Staten Island hounds here? I'm assuming this place is closed down for good, but was wondering if anyone knew what happened and it will be reopening elsewhere.

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      Well, yes, there are Island hounds here, including me (though from the paucity of postings, I don't think there are many). I'm sorry I can't be of help, but I never knew the Soho Pizza Factory. I do know and like Salvatore's of Soho. I didn't know they were related to any other S.I. place; I'd assumed the Soho reference was to Manhattan.

    2. A few weeks ago both Salvatore of Soho and Soho Pizza Factory were both auctioned off by the same auctioneer on the same day. Didn't know they were the same owner, but this makes me think they were. In any event, they are both gone.

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        Wow, very disappointing that Salvatore of Soho has shuttered, too. I hope everything is ok with Salvatore (financially and so forth) and that one or both of these restaurants reopens sometime down the line.

      2. OK, I found out what happened by reading Salvatore of Soho's facebook page.

        Both Soho Pizza Factory and Salvatore of Soho closed down due to a rent dispute with their landlord. It appears that Salvatore is going to try to reopen one (or maybe both) businesses at some point in the future at an undetermined location.

        From the facebook page:


        After opening three Salvatore of Soho's, two Soho Pizza Factory's, also assisting in the opening of Lombardi's Toyko & Philadelphia and many more. Unfortunately this ecomony on Staten Island became to much to bare. I want to thank all of our loyal patrons for many years both at Salvatore of Soho & the Soho Pizza Factory, we cherished your business and all the dear friendships we made.

        Unfortunately it did not make sense to keep the doors open. I hope to see everybody soon at a new location. Please submit your names and numbers and your close friends names & numbers that enjoyed our products. So that we can compose a customer list and invite everyone to a Grand Opening hopefully sometime in the near future when we find a reasonable place to call home.

        Until then we will miss everyone very much.

        Thank you, Sal, Ralph, Candy and our Staff @ Salvatore of Soho & Soho Pizza Factory

        Please send your info to

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          Just to let everyone know they have a new location...The new Salvatore of Soho....105 Guyon Ave. corner of North Rail Road,Staten Is. N.Y. You can check their website

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            Great news. Loved that place. Thanks for the update.