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Mar 27, 2012 01:02 PM

What to do with non-kosher l'pesach matzoh?

The mega associated near my apartment is closing (after less than a year in business) and is selling off their once-ample kosher section at 50% off. I went to stock up and grabbed a box of Streit's matzoh In grabbing it, I covered the "not for passover" on the label with my thumb. No, I don't have monster hands, the lettering was small. The store isn't taking returns since they're closing and I'm wondering what people do with matzoh during the rest of the year. I'm in no hurry since I am not eating matzoh-anything until passover, but what can I do with it later other than donation to a food pantry?

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    1. Most people I know keep a box of matzah around in case you need extra lechem mishneh on a shabbos. It's also good with chopped liver etc.

        1. Matzo happens to be my cracker of choice all year. I regret the period from Purim to Pesach when I cannnot eat it. Here, Stop and Shop gives a free 5lb box of Yehuda or Aviv matzo with a $25 purchase.
          Last year I git 50 lbs. By Purim, we had only 2 lbs left. I already have 40 pounds put away this year. I expect to get an addition 30 pounds this week which will go to our kosher food pantry.

          I use it as crackers, I wizzz it in the food processor for matzo crumbs for ematballs, meat loaf and use in potao kugels. We eat matzo brei about one Sunday morning per month.

          My grandkids, take it to the park, break it up and feed the birds. Our dogs like it with margarine on it.

          Last year our area lost power for 10 days after the September 29th snowstorm. My home had power, but no area groceries were open, and no fresh bread was available. Not only did we eat matzo, but so did our neighbors.

          1. Crush it up for stuffing. Most stuffing mixes are too salty and it makes a great addition to a mix or you can start from scratch. I sometimes mix it up with bread for stuffing. One of the good things is that it has a blank taste and is flexible in terms of flavorings but it can bake up crunchy on top and bottom and maintain a soft interior. (If you're into that sort of thing!)