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Mar 27, 2012 12:58 PM

Looking for Unusual restaurants in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

I'm planning a very short trip to the Maritimes, and I want to make the most of it. Can you recommend any interesting eateries. I'm planning to spend a few days in Halifax before moving to St. Johns and I'll maybe go as far as Fredericton.

Any ideas?

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  1. Not sure what you mean by 'unusual' but if you want good quality food in Halifax I would suggest going to Chives, on Barrington St; Fid, on Dresden Row, just off Spring Garden; or Morris East for more casual, gourmet pizza/pasta. For fish and chips or other delicious deep fried seafood go to John's Lunch in Dartmouth, near the Woodside ferry terminal. If you're looking for a good burger the Brooklyn Warehouse at Windsor and Almon (across from the old Halifax Forum) does a good one, as does Cut Urban Grill at the Marriott Courtyard attached to the Brewery Market. Gio, in the Prince George Hotel, is a good special occasion restaurant.

    For homemade northern chinese food, Chee Lin, also in the Brewery Market, is consistently good.

    Delicious, reasonably priced German food in Lunenburg at The Old Black Forest Cafe (technically just outside in Mader's Cove). Also in Lunenburg is Fleur de Sel, consistently ranked one of the top restaurants in the country. There is an Italian place in Lunenburg that gets good reviews too-- Trattoria della Nonna, but I have yet to eat there.

    My favorite restaurant in Nova Scotia outside Halifax is Charlotte Lane in Shelburne- it should be open by the time you get here, I think they open in March or April.

    I used to live in Saint John, but I haven't been there in so long (nor Fredericton) that I can't offer you advice on where to eat as there's been tons of closures and new openings since last I was there. The Saint John Brewpub ( I think that's the name of it) had acceptable gastropub fare on a quick lunch stop en route to the New England states a few summers ago.

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      Thank YOU!! I'm also looking for some traditional Nova Scotia fare, like a 'JIGGS Dinner'... any ideas?

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        Then you'll want to check out this place:

        I haven't eaten there but it's consistently gotten good reviews for traditional celtic recipes.

        Also worth checking out are the various lobster suppers on the south shore. The church ones are usually yummy and very cheap; this one is quite well-known because it's in a pretty spot close to the ocean, and good food:

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            Just a heads up on the Normaway Inn. It is a charming location but my husband and I fell into the trap of the Inn being a wonderful NS traditional experience with locally caught this and locally grown that. Have to say it was one of the worst dining experiences we've had while living here in NS and we've had plenty to compare it to.

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            I would think of a Jiggs Dinner as being traditional Newfoundland, not Nova Scotia. Since you're going to St. John's, I would look there.