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Leftover Pulled pork

Have some good pulled pork leftover...any ideas for using? I was thinking putting it over some nachos but thats not so creative...any ideas? Also this is for a weeknight meal so I am trying not to get too crazy with the prep.

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  1. wrap it up with some cheese and pico de gallo in a tortilla. or just heat it up and plop a poached egg on top.

    1. I was going to suggest enchiladas or tacos, similar to hotoynoodle's suggestion.

      1. - hash
        - huevos rancheros
        - fried rice
        - carnitas
        - ragu
        - grilled pizza/flatbread with smoked gouda

        ( i was also going to suggest tamales or empanadas, but you wanted easy prep.)

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          +1. We do pulled pork flatbread whenever we have leftover pulled pork. The recipe for flatbread is here: http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/08/cri...
          Bake the flatbread first then top with the pulled pork and we sprinkle with Sharp Cheddar and zig zag bbq sauce across the top. Bake it till the cheese melts. Deelish!

        2. Upcountry South Carolina style hash.

          Brown chopped onions, add the chopped up pork, add a mustard based BBQ sauce. Serve over rice.

          1. Freeze it. That's the whole point, having it on hand for quick sandwiches.

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              Put single or double portions in small freezer bags, and reheat the bag in boiling water to minimize moisture loss. It's even better if you have a vacuum sealer.

            2. Wrap it up in a tortilla with rice and beans for a Burrito, or with cheese for a Quesadilla.....and invite my son & fiance over.

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                Sounds like a plan but I think its easier to make a plan with the President. Unless we are playing golf..then there is always time.

              2. Is it seasoned or plain? I had some leftover plain pulled pork and last night I used it instead of chicken in Mark Bittman's Chicken Cobbler. Turned out great. Wouldn't work if your pulled pork has barbeque sauce on it or something, though...

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                  Actually I have had a pot pie made with BBQ-sauced pulled pork. And it was fine - not my favourite variation but plenty edible. Maybe a mashed-potato topping would work as well? That's something I would try if I had leftovers of both. Pulled pork poutine is good too.

                2. Shred it up a bit more, mix it with some ginger and hoisin sauce, and wrap up in spring roll wrappers. Either bake or pan-fry and serve with a big salad with sesame ginger dressing for a light dinner.

                  1. I like the carnitas direction. Fry some up in it's own fat till it get's a bit crispy.

                    You can stuff poblano peppers with pulled pork, maybe cheese, bake and finish with a tomatillo sauce.

                    1. I tried a recipe for chimichangas last night, modifying it to use my left over pulled pork by just tossing the seasonings required in a skillet with the pork & a quarter cup of water and heating at a simmer for about 15 min. They turned out great! The link for the recipe is below. (Food.com)

                      1. TACOS.

                        *edit* Now I want tacos.

                        1. I always make pulled pork with leftovers in mind, as we think it is one of the most versatile meats I make. Most of our leftovers are mentioned here--we always do a burrito, soft taco and/or chimichango night with all the trimmings, and will sprinkle some over homemade pizza using leftover salsa, black beans, corn, onions, etc on it rather than the traditional toppings. If we have some leftover shreds, we make nachos in the same way. Ditto flautos that we pan fry.

                          We also adore it for breakfast or dinner chopped up like hash and browned with some cubed boiled potatoes and served with a couple of overeasy eggs on top

                          1. Actualy nacho's works great. Use a BBQ sauce instead of salas and add some roasted poblano's to give it some interest.

                            1. Make a barbequed pizza on the grill. since the pork is precooked, all you need to do is roll out some dough, oil it, toss it on the grill a couple of minutes, oil the top side, flip it and add the pork and cheese.

                              It usually is quick, only few minutes on the grill, , so if I'm using other meats I precook them or if veggies, par cook them.

                              1. I love pig potatoes and pig salad. Top a baked potato or big chef salad with pulled pork and barbecue sauce.

                                1. The cafe at my office makes pulled pork mac & cheese. Just a good home made mac & cheese with the pork mixed in, and a crumb topping. The pork has some spice to it, and it's really good!