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Mar 27, 2012 12:49 PM

Leftover Pulled pork

Have some good pulled pork leftover...any ideas for using? I was thinking putting it over some nachos but thats not so creative...any ideas? Also this is for a weeknight meal so I am trying not to get too crazy with the prep.

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  1. wrap it up with some cheese and pico de gallo in a tortilla. or just heat it up and plop a poached egg on top.

    1. I was going to suggest enchiladas or tacos, similar to hotoynoodle's suggestion.

      1. - hash
        - huevos rancheros
        - fried rice
        - carnitas
        - ragu
        - grilled pizza/flatbread with smoked gouda

        ( i was also going to suggest tamales or empanadas, but you wanted easy prep.)

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          +1. We do pulled pork flatbread whenever we have leftover pulled pork. The recipe for flatbread is here:
          Bake the flatbread first then top with the pulled pork and we sprinkle with Sharp Cheddar and zig zag bbq sauce across the top. Bake it till the cheese melts. Deelish!

        2. Upcountry South Carolina style hash.

          Brown chopped onions, add the chopped up pork, add a mustard based BBQ sauce. Serve over rice.

          1. Freeze it. That's the whole point, having it on hand for quick sandwiches.

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              Put single or double portions in small freezer bags, and reheat the bag in boiling water to minimize moisture loss. It's even better if you have a vacuum sealer.