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Mar 27, 2012 12:37 PM

Post Wedding Dinner??

I am getting married in NYC in May and am looking for a small private dining situation for 6 people hopefully near Gramercy. Any ideas? It's kind of an odd number as most private dining rooms are for 8 or more.

Please help!

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  1. Ciano's PDR looks intimate enough for six, though pics can sometimes be misleading. Worth a phone call though.

    1. Check out Maialino's wine room. it might be a little too small (I'm not sure about the max for the room).

      1. budget? (note that you will always be able to rent a room at is 8 or more, even if there are just, say, two of you, if you are willing to pay for it)

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          I'm trying to stay around $100 per person (not including alocohol, of course). I have found most rooms at 20 or more so I want to make sure it's worth it, and not a huge room fee on top of the per person meal fees.