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Mar 27, 2012 11:12 AM

Outdoor Dining (spring/summer 2012)

In response to a zombie thread that just blew up, we should discuss the quality outdoor dining options for the coming warm months.

I'll start: the back deck at Deep Ellum usually opens around May Day, and is my favorite outdoor drinks and nosh option in the city. I'm only comfortable in advertising it because working from home means I can go there at 2 on a weekday afternoon if I want.

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  1. i don't like baking in the sun or breathing car exhaust while i eat. i know, picky, picky.

    love the patios at esk and scampo.

    1. I like the backyard patio at The Ledge in Lower Mills. Nice landscaping, very quiet, and decent food and drink.

      1. Stone's Public House for me.

        1. Whoops I think that's my fault... I linked to that thread from the Site Talk "what was the first thread you posted on?" discussion. Oops!

          I know nobody wants to hear about patios up here in the 'burbs, but when I was working down in Cambridge it was always a treat to sit out on the patio at Royal Sonesta in what's now ArtBar at lunchtime. Davio's also has a patio. I think those patios get bonus points for a view of the water and Boston.

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            dante also has a great riverview patio.

          2. All the new Kendall places had their patio's set up last week when it was warm: Abigails, Za, EVOO, Kika, Area Four and Catalyst. Voltage also has theirs as well for coffee.