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Grocery Store Fried Chicken

Planning a party & thinking about getting some Fried Chicken. What's the best grocery store Fried Chicken out there? I'm partial to Ralph's myself, but then I've only really tried that one & Vons...

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  1. My coworkers rave about Albertson's fried chicken. I've never tried it personally, but thought I'd put that on your radar.

    1. Albertson's is my choice. I have had various grocery store fried chicken and they consistently produce a good product. Because taste and quality may vary from store to store in any supermarket chain I would go to the store where you would be ordering from and get a few pieces to try.

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        Albertsons took over from Hughes Markets and uses their receipe - very very good plus the roast chicken makes my Chows Razz and Zara, do somersaults when I bring it into the car

      2. I've enjoyed the fried chicken at my local Stater Bros. (Long Beach: in the Plaza neighborhood, Spring at Palo Verde)-- and have ordered it for groups many times.

        Albertson's fried chicken is good as well, but in my neighborhood Stater Bros. is the better choice (and we've got all the chains within a four square block radius).

        As SIMIHOUND notes, it's best to do some sampling before committing to a party purchase.

        1. Second Albertson's but can only ref the one on Venice near Robertson. Even then, you need to take a look and make sure it's all crisp. I've asked for one of the food papers so I could touch a piece and check for crispness. One person let me. One person said no.

          1. I'm with you on Ralph's. Especially if the counter person will fry it fresh for you at around dinner time. I get the 8 pieces of drums and thighs for $4.99 which is a deal IMO.

            1. I recently had some outstanding fried chicken and the person told me they got it at Winco!
              He said to just call and order and it will be crisp and fresh when you pick it up.
              Who knew?
              Also, another vote for Albertsons

              1. Wow thanks so much for the replies! You are great!

                1. Has anyone tried the fried chicken from Superior?

                  1. Albertsons. No question about it.

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                      what's the name of that fried chicken joint that's in a gas station near dwtn, and it may be broasted instead???


                    2. Albertsons! (Yes, another vote here : ) )

                      I live near a Ralphs and love the staff and have had their fried chicken. It's decent and will do in a pinch... But I will actually drive for Albertsons fried chicken. The pieces are bigger, the meat juicier, the breading just a touch more flavorful.

                      And the Albertsons in my area is not the prettiest of stores.... but man, their fried chicken...!

                      P.S. I've had the fried chicken at a couple different albertsons and it's great at all. Maybe they sell enough for high turnover so it's fresh, maybe it's the recipe, maybe all of the above - all I know is, it's WAY better than KFC, and much cheaper.

                      1. the key might be that albertson's started in the south while ralphs started here in southern calif.

                        1. I've had the fried chicken at the local Pavillions - and IF it is just out of fryer - or within 15 minutes - pretty good. If it's been 30-45 minutes - stick to the thighs. The breasts tend to be a little over done (you really can't cook breasts and thighs and wings and legs together and expect them all to be perfect) even straight from the fryer - but perfectly acceptable. But sometimes they've been under the heat lamps for a few hours - and the breasts are so dry they could choke a cow.