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Mar 27, 2012 10:07 AM

Temecula Dining - Any Cuisine/Any Budget/No Restrictions

We're headed out to Temecula for a wedding this weekend, and we're making a mini-trip out of it. We're checking in on Saturday, with the wedding at Wilson Creek Saturday evening. Sunday, we're planning on some wine tasting...but we need tips on where to dine at. I've taken a look at old posts, and they're a tad dated. Just wanted to start a new list. We're planning on spending more time down in Temecula in the future, so we'll have more than just one weekend to try out all the great places, the CHs will suggest. We don't have any restrictions...any budget, any cuisine, etc.

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  1. For Italian cuisine, highly recommend Gourmet Italia -
    Winery restaurant - Carol's at Baily Winery -
    Old Town dining - Baily's -

    I am not associated with Baily Winery in any way, other than I've eaten at each of their restaurants and like the food and the wine.

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      Great! Thanks very need to put a disclaimer. It's nice to know that the company pays attention to the food and service at both their fine dining and casual properties.
      I hope to see more recs...the SO and I are planning on wine tasting in Temecula more often, and will need places to eat so as to soak up the alcohol...because let's face seems wrong to spit out good wine.