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Mar 27, 2012 09:58 AM

Cobwebs inside SEALED package???

I was about to make some chocolate chip cookies today, and I looked at the *sealed* bag of semi-sweet mini morsels I was going to use, and the little clear window had what looked like cobwebs running behind it! Yuck!

The packaging is still sealed (I didn't want to open it in case I could get refunded) and the expiration date is still far in the future. I've heard of moths getting into open containers of flour and grains, but this is way new....

Did bugs get sealed into my chocolate chips???

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  1. sounds like the famous food moths. the cobwebs are a dead giveaway. DO NOT open that package! take it back for a refund, and get it out of your kitchen before those nasty bugs get in your cupboard!

    Possibly a microscopic error in the end seal of the package let a baby bug in, or the factory has a problem (ewwh!).

    I one had a bug infestation, and was sure everything in our cupboard came from packages, not bulk food - those moths come from somewhere!

    1. I'm guessing it's meal moths. They like chocolate. And the larvae can get into sealed plastic packaging. I don't know if they make the holes themselves, or if they just find tiny holes that are already there. Of course once they're in there and start eating, they're stuck, so eventually you'll find a package of fuzzy food with a bunch of dead moths in it.

      It's gross, but the food is actually still edible. If I was cooking just for myself, I would have no problem rinsing off those mini morsels and melting them into a recipeā€¦ The bigger problem in your case is that the rest of your pantry may be infested.

      1. Bugs can absolutely get into a sealed plastic package. They can make little holes in the plastic. I've seen it happen.

        As for returning the chips, I would say you could only do this if you just bought them in the past day or so. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing/proving if the bugs got in the package at the store, or after you brought it home. You could go back to the store and see if other packages of chips have same problem. If the bugs got in at the store, you will likely find that they are in the other packages as well.

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          I have many battles with pantry moths, and they absolutely get through sealed plastic. They like chocolate, powdered sugar, coconut -- grains (though IME not rice). The best way to control them is to put everything into sealed glass jars.

        2. Pantry moths can get into sealed, unopened packages.

          Return the chips, but more importantly, look at all the packaged goods in the vicinity of those chips. If a larva is in one package, the chances of adjacent packages being webbed are very high.

          1. That is disgusting!!! YUCK! I had a problem once with corn i bought to feed squirrels. I was a clueless new homeowner, and tossed this bag of corn cobs into the entry way closet. Within a week I had moths everywhere and nearly went insane trying to find the source.

            I did not know they liked chocolate... I have goosebumps!