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Mar 27, 2012 09:40 AM

Agriturismo Gubbio Area - Dinner Only

I am visiting the area in and around Gubbio in June with family and staying with friends. To thank them for putting us up we would like to take them to an agriturismo for dinner, are there any recommended places in the area that offer dinner only (ie not stayinig with them too).

By nature they obviously concentrate on local and seasonal produce, but any preparing particularly local delicacies would be greatly appreciated

thanks for any help

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  1. Others may have a different opinion and you've not described your friends, but I would ask them where they would like to go. I realize that, if your friends are Italian, they are going to resist mightily even the slightest suggestion that you repay them in any way for their hospitality, but in my experience, if you cheerfully brook no argument, they will surrender and be the most gracious and appreciative guests.

    But they will have a favorite place they want to share with you --- and I think you run a small risk that if you choose a place based on our recommendations, they might not enjoy it as much as a place they would have chosen themselves to share with you.

    If your friends are not Italians, they still might be more comfortable choosing a place they know to be budget-friendly and simply more fun with a group. When friends visit me in Italy, they all want to take me to dinner, and insist I ignore the price, but I am not going to enjoy the meal if I know that they are about to get socked with a multi-hundreds euros tab. Fortunately, there is an excellent historic eatery practically at my doorstep that serves a great, inexpensive local speciality (farinata) at communal tables, and this is a treat for me to share with visitors and I don't worry the tab will be painful.

    It may be that your hosts have friends who own a restaurant or agriturismo.

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      Many thanks on your thoughts on this, and I agree with regards visitors wanting to do something for their hosts, I have similar here when people arrive, I am more than happy with a pint at the local rather than a slap up feed.

      1. re: stanleyk

        this agriturismo, Tenuta di Fassia, was mentioned favorably on the 2spaghi site.

        wondering why you are not considering restaurants in the town which might be a treat to your hosts also? I have warm memories of the town and the Taverna del Lupo tho admittedly from many, many years ago..

    2. Failing specific recommendations, you might look at the agriturismi with restaurants in the Gubbio area listed here:

      In my experience, most agriturismi will accept dinner reservations from non-guests, but more often than not, it will be a set menu.