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Mar 27, 2012 09:34 AM

Where can I find a skin-on full fat pork butt?

Looking for a pork butt with the skin on and none of the fat trimmed away (for porchetta.) I'm in the San Fernando Valley, but I'm willing to drive into LA if need be. I'd like to get it with the bone out, not sure if that's possible. Hopefully a chowhound or two know a less expensive place than Lindy & Grundy!


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  1. Call Huntington Meats in The Farmer's Market at 3rd & Fairfax, ask for Dan or Jim. They should be less than a trendy butcher shop and their quality is also great!

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      El Mambi Market, 328 East Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale - just east of Glendale Ave. A great little Latin American market with a fantastic and very cheap butcher - especially for pork. If you don't speak Spanish, not to worry, one of the butchers speaks excellent English. They are very happy to cut you what you want if it isn't already available.

    2. Call JIm's Fallbrook Market (also known as JIm's Gourmet Meats). If they don't have it in stock they will order it for you. (818) 347-5525 Very nice people.

      1. If you have a Jons market in your area, give them a call. They carry a lot of Hispanic and other ethnic foods and I have purchased those skin on pork butts there, I don't know about the bone out but the butchers are usually very accomodating. My nearest is in HB but I know they have others in the valley and LA area.

        1. 99 Ranch, Sepulveda at Victory, has a very extensive pork selection. Good chance they would have it. BTW, I've made a great porchetta from a pork loin that I wrapped in a pork belly that I bought at 99 Ranch..

          1. Awesome. Thanks for the replies fellas. Much appreciated.