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Mar 27, 2012 08:38 AM

SoHo Dinner Recs Tonight for Picky Eater

Meeting a friend for dinner tonight and totally at a loss as to where to go. Any price point, as long as it's somewhere we won't need a res. SoHo ideal, or near IFC. The catch: friend is a picky eater. No Asian, no fish, no meat except for steak, nothing "weird". I don't eat with a lot of picky eaters, so I'm clueless and feeling uninspired.

Anything new that would satisfy both the adventurous and the picky?

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  1. It's not new, but Blue Ribbon Brasserie on Sullivan Street has a lot of safe options for picky eaters. It's basically home cooking with a twist.

    1. See if you can get into Balthazar or sit at bar. Raoul's, BRB (as suggested below).